Blue Force Tracking

Sentinel is a Blue Force Tracking solution that offers secure communications and surveillance capability through the Automatic Identification System (AIS) Network. Sentinel offers AIS standard and private communications capabilities to deliver a common operating picture to all friendly Blue

Force Tracking participants. It permits the simultaneous covert tracking of standard AIS participants, allowing you to monitor the network without being detected.

Organizations can jointly, or independently, benefit from Sentinel Blue Force Tracking software, including Coast Guards, Navies, Police, Port Authorities, and National Security Forces. It is a very cost effective solution for the latest surveillance capabilities and one of the most comprehensive tactical information systems in the world.

Calculate the value added to your organization with all Blue Force Tracking participants seeing the same picture of vessel traffic, combined with the ability to send encrypted messages and position reports. The ongoing carriage requirements for AIS, and the widespread appeal of the AIS network for increased safety at sea, make Sentinel Blue Force Tracking software amust for your organization.

Features & Functionality
  • Sentinel has an easy-to-use control panel consisting of a 3D status interface with button control. It appears on the Chart/Plotter window indicating when the system is in secure mode. The user is presented with layers of control based on the buttons that are selected. Each control can change the panel to reveal more options whenever they are required. The Target Manager saves all AIS targets in a secure database.
  • Sentinel utilizes existing AIS network technology and infrastructure and allow the user to receive, schedule and transmit encrypted messages to other Blue Force Tracking positions.
  • Search, sort and filter targets for display on the ICAN Chart/Plotter window.
  • Sentinel offers a common operating picture to all Blue Force Tracking participants.
  • Unique AIS target icons for commercial vessels, designated vessels of interest (VOI), and Blue Force Tracking participants.
  • With  sentinel, participants can easily track any vessel in a busy port. Blue Force Tracking vessels can communicate VOI target information to all Blue Force Tracking participants through covert encrypted messaging.
Optional Modules

Spoofing Module  Allows you to spoof your position; transmit falsified OwnShip position based on a route. You create a a route and have “ghost ship” follow (using a false MMSI).

Anti-Spoofing Module/Behavoural Analysis Provides Sentinel with the ability to detect intentional and unintentional errors in a target’s transmitted AIS data.

Anti-Spoofing Module/Position Determination Uses signal propagation analysis enabling Sentinel to detect intentional spoofs of position for manually selected targets.