It is important in battle field that positioning without being recognized for military vehicle, system, devices and personel. This system, briefly named “camouflage” was initially tried over personel and according to the information obtained, researches have been started for this system to be used over military vehicle,and systems like tank,top.

The most important points in military systems is to obtain visual and detection prevention  from enemy observations by :

  • Forcing all materials to resemble to visible colors, tissues and natural back ground
  • Simulating to the properties of snow and ice
  • Simulating to the background reflectance when watched by visual amplifiers or low light televisions
  • Reducing the heat signals from human bodies or hot devices
  • Absorbing the radar transmissions

By using

  • Visible spectrum
  • Ultraviolet
  • Near infrared
  • Far infrared
  • Acoustic transmission
  • Radar spectrum techniques.

The main purpose is minimizing the appearance by using smart,chameleon like etc.tissues.

IDC proceeds  on R&D work over this special type of textile for camouflage of military vehicle, system and devices.