Time Controlled ATM
Sharing information among different ATM stakeholders is a vital function to enhance flight operations. AVANET supports ATM applications based on 4DTE enabling time controlled Air Traffic Management.

Arrival slot agreements eliminates delays around airports by taking the delay En-route or before departure.

Other applications such as Slot Swap makes it possible for the airline operator to swap slots between aircraft under certain conditions.


  • Improved Safety in Air Traffi c Operations
  • Precise prediction of Air Traffi c
  • Sophisticated Air Traffi c Priority & Control
  • Increased Airport Capacity

Green Approach
The Advanced Continuous Descent Approach called “Green Approach” enables airlines to perform an idle approach from Top of Descent in order to minimize fuel burn and environmental impact.  Through the availability of 4D Trajectory Exchange and ADS-B, the AVANET ground infrastructure supports ATC and airlines with accurate and real-time trajectory exchange data communication throughout the fl ight.


  • Reduced fuel burn
  • Shorter fl ight time
  • Less pollution and Noise impact

AVANET provides a complete ADS-B Network based on the latest Technology
AVANET is designed to support advanced applications in the future Air Traffi c Management system.

ADS-B (in/out) based applications together with 4-Dimensional Trajectory Exchange offers time controlled ATM and Advanced Continuous Descent Approach (Green Approaches).

The VDL4 technology integrated with 1090 ES provides the complete platform for ATM and Airline operations.

4-Dimensional Trajectory Exchange
AVANET enables the 4-Dimensional Trajectory Exchange (4 DTE) concept using the latest technology for communication between the aircraft and ground control.

By continuously communicating accurate fl ight information and ADS-B in real-time between aircraft and ATC, high predictability of the traffi c situation is achieved enabling superior control.