Our company has been invited to Vehicle and Ship Dismantling Project by NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) for dismantling military vehicle and ships of the countries in NATO inventory which are serviced out.

NAMSA will dismantle;

  • Warships,
  • Tanks,
  • Heavy weapons (Gun, MLRS etc.)
  • Trucks,
  • Jeep, ZPT, ZMA type vehicles

in the most economical way by special dismantling methods.

In this scope, we are planning to join this project developed by NAMSA with a consortium made up by our company.

Almost %85 of a vehicle is composed of recyclable materials. To increase this rate depends on automation. In this automation process, the vehicle is cut into small pieces, and then the materials are segregated by type manually or automatically.

This operation will be made by some steps such as;

  • Carrying military vehicles,
  • Dismantling without damaging environment,
  • Reporting and documenting the end process
  • Documenting that the dismantled raw material isn’t harmful for the environment

All dismantling activities of NATO countries are in responsibility of NATO Maintenance and Supply agency, NAMSA. Because of being a member company of NAMSA until March 2005 we are receiving RFP’s about dismantling.

Within the frame of the project that IDC and our solution partners developed together ,we have efficient capabilities and opportunities to ship civil ships and vehicles, also military vehicles which necessitate a special process from the alliances area to the facility area and dismantle and recycle them.