Automatic Identification systems are compulsory by IMO directive, in order to augment navigation safety and sea security.

Generally Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) are divided into two categories.One of these categories is Class A systems and these are obligatory for all ships internationally navigation. The other one is Class B and they are used in the ships have cabotage rights. Addiditionally to their main purpose, they have contribution to seek and rescue operations, preventing sea accidents and emergency actions to occured sea accidents. Besides, Turkish type Class B devices will serve to prevent irregular use of excise tax reduced fuel, illegal immigration and intrusions of fisher ships to foreign territorial water and hunting.

Due to the issued notification of Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs, the ships obliged to have Class B devices described as ships longer than 10 meters for Turkish Straights and Marmara, for other regions described as longer than 15 meters.

Presently, IDC produces Class A and Class B devives.The Class A systems are produced and marketed according to IMO and IEC rules with BSH certificate.

IDC is currently working on to develop Warship Automatic Identification Systems (WAIS) on demand of Turkish Naval Forces. Initial products have been prepared and they are now in inspection phase. Addiditonal to Class A systems ,this system have ability of encryption and creation of fake echo.

According to the 11 September 2007 dated issue notification of Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs, IMO and IEC rules , IDC –AIS Class B CS device has ability navigation safety, seek&rescue and auditing excise tax reduced fuel.It is a functional device with contactless smart card recording whole cruise information, PS receiver including remote control automatic power change, sensor access of fuel tank (NMEA) and DSC channel.Notifying the situation dynamically with identity and other required static information, this type of device provides locational awareness to shore stations within the seas around.IDC-AIS Class B CS device is compatible with SOLAS and BSH certified.

Class B device is produced with carrier sense time division multiple access (CSTDMA) technology. Information like position of ship, identity, fuel information are received and transmitted, fuel consumption is approximately calculated and all these information are written on to the smart card. In case of any accident, safety,security and health problems, it transmits information messages. It receives informative messages from shore stations like traffic organisation applications, restricted zones, intrudes to restricted zones and it applies requested rules, it produces and broadcasts related messages in case of any violation.It has 2W and 12.5W VHF power of transmitting feature. Output power is remotely controlled and it changes automatically within the regions identified by shore stations when desired.

IDC-AIS Class B CS device can be connected to the graphic system of the ship and/or ARPA radar by means of an interface.

IDC-AIS Class B CS device is composed of a Transponder and a Contactless smart card unit. Optionally a 7 inch graphic monitor can take place in the system.

We consider all commercial, yacht and fisher ships will use this device with admiration.