Armament race for years, political uncertainties and especially with the ending of Cold War laid the importance of control of recently prominent conventional and other ammunition before eyes.

The process to be followed for demilitarization of idle ammunition is as follows
  • Extraction without harming environment
  • Developing new Technologies about the fact
  • Recycling the ammunition with environment-friendly methods
  • Saving them for economy.
Nowadays modern technologies are being used for demilitarization systems all over the world.Regrettably,ignoring agreements, burning and blasting methods are being used.As known,outdoor burning and blasting systems give huge harm to environment.ın order to prevent this damage, our company proceeds R&D work on environment-friendly demilitarization systems and serves economical solutions.

The work of providing demilitarization activities for NATO companies are given to NAMSA (NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency).Since we are a registered company to NAMSA, we are offered demilitarization related auctions periodically every month .As a result of  collaboration dated 2005, between NAMSA and our company , RFP s are obtained about destructions of various type bullets and explosives, pyrotechnical materials, ammunition and rockets.