Nowadays, cheap and easily obtainable suffocating, burning ,nevre gases,chemical gases and poisonous wastes are being used by terrorists in various media.Similarly, commonly in most of domestic fights and border fights, these gases have been used.In the countries having lack of security,the use of these gases have been reported in the news.Likewise terrorism in cities, it is possible that these chemicals to be used.

It is important that when it is considered , these type of chemicals to be used in a moment of battle or terrorist incidents, they should be detected from a definite distance that the personnel should not to be effected so to prevent transition to the region.

The on-going R&D study of the system is planned to scan the region with laser systems, to detect the suffocating, burning ,nevre gases and specify the properties of them and in case of any detection to give an alarm both audial and visual.

The purpose is to build the system with domestic sources and offer to the service.