Landmines are admitted as war ammunitions since last century.As a result of mine placement which has begun with Second World War, today a very big fraction of our world is under this threat.

As known, Ottawa Agreement  provides to prohibit  the use ,storage,production and transfer of anti-personnel mines besides destruction of them.This agreement and other international agreements require the destruction of this kind of ammunitions by means of enviroment-friendly methods.

Realizing destruction  and gaining them to economy by using modern technology, the purpose is to reduce personel use ,to enhance new technology addiditional to staff strength.

The only NAMSA registered Turkish company IDC about Demilitarization subject, is the strongest candidate with its international team partners for t Syria Border Demining Project.

A mine detection and demining  process is done as below stages:

  • General examination
  • Technical planning
  • Mapping the region
  • Marking the mined region
  • Cleaning mines and marking the cleaned fraction
  • Certifying the regional clarification
  • Submission of the region

One of the important facts to be held in mine cleaning is “Insurance” matter.International Mine  Action Standards (IMAS 10.10) requires “employer has to be sure whether all staff has been taken under coverage of sufficent insurance against death, to become disabled and injuries.”In this subject, the admitted guide belongs to

  • Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Deminig (GICHD)

This document states the insurance procedures about

  • Personal accident insurance during demining
  • Public Liability Insurance during demining action
  • Residual Liability for demined area

Mapping procedure will be done robotic during process.This vehicle is remote controlled and used in may mined areas before and its success is proven.The vehicle is made of a material resistant to mine explosion.

Following marking, mine will be raveled out by destruction team using special techniques and destruction will be supplied.

IDC  works not only on the demining without giving harm to environment related subjects but also on gaining them to economy excluding its original purpose.