Infections caused by means of food ,varies from country to country, changes according to social way of life  and economic conditions but widespread in developing and underdeveloped countries.Recently, there are more tan 200 infection types have been identified,most of them caused by bacteria, bacterial toxins, viruses and parasites.

After for a short time consuming food some disases are observed.The cause of such diseases known as food poisoning are microorganisms and the metabolites of these microorganisms.It would be correct to divide the microbial diseases which the comtaminated mediators cause as infections and intoxications.

Some of which microorganisms that cause infections and intoxications have very special role on diseases.For example bacteria like ; Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium perfringens,Clostridium botulinum, enterovirulent E.coli have the primary role causing diseases.Likewise, Yersinia pestis, Francisella tularencis, Vibrio cholera, Salmonella species, Shigella species take place causing widespread infections.

Beside food sector,aforesaid microorganisms become a threat for people working in health sector and taking service from there.The catch by these microorganisms realizes not only by means of food but also by means of touch with contaminated surfaces, people and various kind of liquids.

Disease causing, increased number of pathogen microorganisms are taken into body by many kinds of ways.They spread by hanging to the walls of intestine and they cause burn.Some of them cause disease by means of toxins in digestive and respiratory systems.

The toxins secreted by clostridium botulinum causes toxic poisoning.In addiditon to this, Ricin toxin from ricinus communis, Epsilon toxin of clostridium perfringens, Staphylococcal enterotoxin B are the agents that highly be considered because of their being highly toxic.

Pathogen caused infections and intoxications are seen as highly important problem in  the world including USA and Europe. Despite struggle against the diseases, increase of infections and intoxications make the detection and identification of these pathogens and their toxins compulsory on food and various contact media.

IDC, proceed R&D work to produce devices detecting and identifying these kind of bacteria and toxins, similar to exisiting devices all over the world .