IDC carry out land ,air and railway transportation of  any kind  ( dangerous or not ) military vehicle, ammunition, explosive materials and container freight  services with domestic, international and overseas.

Besides, IDC is capable of taking necessary security precautions (armed staff, armored trucking etc) for transportation of supplies exposing danger and requiring special security precautions.

Transportation procedures are done by ships which obeys International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS), IMO (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) and ISMIC 19 (International Safety Management) standards.In this scope;

  • Stowage of package carried, dangerous loads
  • Marking, labeling and postering of dangerous load
  • Loading to containers and transport vehicles and down loading.
  • Preperation of bill of lading
  • Stacking plans of dangerous load
  • Certification services are given.

All transportation feature exposing military shippings are carried out under control of “National Secret” certified staff.