The purpose of the system is to provide training and evaluation of the Military and Security Units under real combat conditions.

In this scope of work, IDC Defense Industry Inc. Provides the following;

Contact Fire Weapon Systems with Artillery Gunfire, Air Attacks, NBC Attacks, providing realistic sound and mechanical simulation of mine impacts and its compatible work with maneuver bullets and/or PYRO-TECHNIC material/ammunition.

During the Combat Training, minimizing the cheating and deception by tracking the personnel with the location and movement information of the personnel, shooting and demolition information determined by laser and laser sensors mounted on weapon systems, radio contacts and mobile camera shots, location information, unseeing fire weapon report and transferring other information like the mine info comprises complete exercise area  to Control Centre through radio stations and fiber-optic cable located inside of the terrain.

Operation integrated to centre and compatibility, also capability of work with the systems supplied after and all equipment and software of the complete systems in Combat Training will be provided by our Company.