Airports today face a major challenge – how to cope with more ground movements and intense traffic.

Surveillance and control
As traffic increases, airports need to provide higher capacity and improve safety. Economic restraints mean that expanding the airport infrastructure is seldom an option, yet many airports have reached the limits of their capacity. The only realistic – and safe – solution is to optimise traffic flows. IDC Savunma Airport Organiser has been developed to meet the stringent demands of safe surface movement operations and more efficient utilisation of airport resources. The system provides surveillance and control of all ground movements at the airport.

By sharing vital information at the airport, all operators can communicate and get a common view of what is happening, which greatly enhances situational awareness. The two-way communication provides the same situational awareness for ATC operations, vehicle drivers and coordinators. Airport Organiser enables the highest possible safety level, with increased capacity, in both the manoeuvring and apron areas.

Airport Organiser offers critical support for Collaborative Decision Making (CDM). By allowing data sharing for the ramp area operation, it improves the ground handling service and efficiency, with shorter turnaround times as a result. This enables the airport to increase capacity.

The financial benefits provided by the system are twofold: higher capacity and lower costs. The system also offers a data link free of service charges, taking investment levels well below alternative solutions.

Efficient ground handling prevents delays!
A considerable number of the airport delays are related to ground handling activities. The lack of relevant flight information, vehicles status and apron information at the right time results in uncoordinated operations. The challenge for ground handling operators is to improve service levels using a minimum of resources.

Efficient ground handling prevents delays

Features for vehicle drivers
Voice communication during stressful situations often leads to errors and loss of the information required to accomplish the missions in time. Airport Organiser provi¬des an on-board display with the current up-to-date flight plan, including arrival times, gate allocation, and aircraft positions given by the coordinator. Airport Organiser also allows the driver to receive assignments just-in-time, making task performance safer and more efficient.

  • Task assignment, with gate, flight and time information.
  • Simple and secure task confirmation.
  • Airport surveillance, for increased awareness.
  • Communication support for other vehicle applications.