The benefits of unmanned aerial vehicles appeared with improving technology become more of an issue recently.

Unmanned Aerial vehicles are used effectively in:

  • Exploration and observation of operation area
  • Border security
  • Discovery and observation of terrorist activity
  • Traffic control
  • Observing illegal trade
  • In forest fire and natural disasters

IDC is in collaboration with Professional academists for developing mini UAV.

As IDC our  UAV abilities are:

  • Ground control stations
  • Sensor control software
  • Data evaluation software
  • Auto-pilot
  • In-plane sensors

The aim of the auto-pilot system is to provide control and guidance of UAV without intervention of human.

The auto-pilot system carries out telemetry , command communication and control of the utility load on UAV.

Our company has completed the main board and related software of auto-pilot.The main board and software provides the control of take off and landing, motor and sensors, navigation, telecommunication system and load.